About Your First Black Friend

K.A. Rob

Author/Webmaster: “Your First Black Friend”

Kyle Anthony “K.A.” Jackson-Robinson is your average thirty something year old man who wants to tell his story. Born and raised in the Midwest, he has the unique perspective of living as a black man in modern day America. Using his life experiences, wisdom from mistakes made and the triumphs, K.A. strives to share his message in a manner that is engaging, authentic and inspiring through his blog. K.A. is also in the process of writing a novel and a series of children’s books highlighting the importance of positive self esteem and the beauty of diversity in our world. Outside of writing, K.A. is a high school math teacher in Wisconsin. He’s a fan of music, coaching athletics, playing video games and the outdoors. K.A. is engaged to be married in December 2021.