So, you Wanna Talk about Blind Nationalism?

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The Olympics are back! Like many people, the Olympics are usually my favorite time of the sports calendar. The sight of the world’s nations gathering together in the name of competition and world peace is one of the more appealing aspects of the Olympics. Obviously, I want America to win every event that they are in. I want my team to dominate, I want them to come on top and show that USA is the most dominant nation in the world when it comes to sports. With that being said: I am still not blind to the reality of America’s history.

There is nothing wrong with being proud of your country. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your nationality. There is nothing wrong with wanting your country to be at its best. So why is blind nationalism such an important topic to discuss? Because in the name of nationalism, atrocities have been committed and justified all because the belief that our country is superior to all others.

By definition, nationalism allows one to believe that their country is superior to all others based soley upon the fact that they live there. And because I live in this country, the interests, rights, and concerns of that nation should come before any and all people and nations in the world. Honestly, so far, yeah I agree. I cannot occupy more than one space at a time. So the fact that I am an American citizen means that the concerns of America and its citizens should be number one. But the issue comes when people use that to justify discrimination, hatred, wars, and criminal acts. Yes, I am going to talk about the MAGA hats so just be warned.

There’s a term that has been around since the turn of the 20th century that has been melded together with nationalism within this country. That term “America First” has a long, racist connotation within this country. During the latter half of Trump’s presidency, that term started to rear its ugly head again. And when it did, every history buff’s ears perked up instantly. Visions of the klan and angry white protestors flood the thoughts and minds of teachers and educators the like.

We all know about the other nationalist term Make America Great Again which was popularized when Trump ran for presidency. Whenever met wit that particular slogan, citizens always ask the same question “When was America great…for all citizens?”

I do love living in this country. I want to get that across because many people believe that living in USA means that you love everything about the country. I do not love everything about this country. Mostly because there’s the idea that USA is above reproach. You can love something and still demand it does better. I do love this country, but I will never allow myself to believe that this country is sinless. There’s nothing anti-American about wanting the truth of this country to be made known to future citizens.

I, like many citizens, want this country to fix the issues of racism, sexism, and inequality with income and health, etc. This country is not perfect, it is worth fighting for, but it does have faults. Those faults cannot be ignored in the name of love of this country. Let’s work towards a more perfect union, together!

Here’s to hoping that pride in our country does not turn into ignoring the atrocities that have been committed in her name. Enjoy your 4th of July my friends.

Take Care and Be Well,


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