Some original poems by K.A Robinson

Sometimes, I just like to write down some thoughts in poem format. Here’s some I have written over the last year or so. My style is still very raw but I do have a lot of fun doing it. I hope you enjoy! -YFBF

Fun w/Words

A wonderful individual who’s influence is residual

The inital meet was artifical in substance

but the potential for more made my desire preferential

to them. In the sequential months since my love has

hit me in waves,


Winter Thoughts

The worst thing about winter

is how it reminds me of who we truly are.

There’s no comofrot in January chill.

The ice & snow take me to my mind


to my heart

dry and lifeless

and to my emotions

difficult to navigate.

Much like tracks on

clean kitchen floors,

it’s obvious that someone’s

here but they don’t care

to clean the mess they left.

I guess that’s why

I don’t like winter.

Because its who I truly am.


When the smell of sausage and grits hits my room on a saturday morning,

I am taken back to a simpler time, when the world didn’t make sense

and I wasn’t worried about it.

What a time, to be alive.


you are my favorite hello,

[and my largest headache

and the source of my anxiety

and a royal pain in my ass

and the reason i drink]

and my hardest goodbye.

secrets, secrets

Your squeeze cuts off my words

as I try to explain

the only feeling I have is

unimaginable pain

A knife lodge in my stomach

and twisted into knots

my head, hot and tired

my eyes seeing spots

paralyzed with fear

I’m frozen in my place

every fiber of my muscles stops

but my heart continues to race

Then the voices start up

at first dull hushed

my brain goes into overdrive

and my judgement is rushed

I cannot escape this hopless

and as I acknowledge my desire

The only way to win

is by opening my eyes

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