Here’s 500 words about why Critical Race Theory is not Anti-American, you’re just overly sensitive.

The truth is a difficult pill to swallow but necessary for development as an adult. If you acquired over $3000 in credit card debt due to lax spending, it would be important that you resolve that before it grows further out of hand. America has a problem with systemic racism, this is evidence by this country founded upon the genocide of Native Americans and the enslavement of African people and the lasting ramifications because of those occurrences.

While it is an ugly truth to face, there is hope to rectify this with teaching people about the American experience through the eyes of black and brown citizens. Critical Race Theory (CRT) focuses the discussion on the social construct of race, the implication that racism has on laws and structure of society, and the inequality in education specifically for black and brown students who are forced to learn about a white dominated narrative of “who they are“. With that last note in the foreground of your mind, here’s what Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) had to say about the usage of CRT in schools:

Gov. DeSantis had major support from other Republicans, like North Carolina Congressional member Madison Cawthorn…

…and some more input from Fox News journalist Laura Ingraham

and others.

So let’s unpack what CRT actually is attempting: to establish equity within this country. Race is an artificial social construct. Racism, therefore, is a consequence of racial constructs within our society. Inside the minds of certain people of this country, teaching that racism has affected our country in different sectors of establishment and law is considered Anti-American rhetoric and should be banned all together like in the aforementioned Florida and now the state of Iowa as well.

Critical Race Theory is not Anti-American. CRT does not have any chapters on the best ways to go about hating the country and spreading ire to the next generation of citizens.

I challenge anyone to look at what our country has done to marginalized groups in its history and tell me that it does not have racism as its foundational level. Plessy v. Ferguson is a classic example in American education. The subsequent Brown v. Board of Education, Topeka and the integration of public schools which saw protests (riots) and anger so severe that the President Kennedy ordered the United States Marshalls had to escort six-year-old Ruby Bridges to school in 1960. Some may argue that the passing of the Civil Rights act of 1964 (my father was born in ’62 as a reference) was a step in the right direction for the country. If so why did it take 181 years (the Constitution was fully ratified in 1783) to show that all citizens matter and have it added to our laws of the land? We need CRT to remind us that yes our past is ugly, but this is how we intend to make it better.

If these words are too few for you, I suggest you read this instead.

Take Care and Be Well!



  1. In spite of all of our failings we all have the common bond that God has given to us when He says it so simply, “Love one another.”


  2. This is 2021 and anyone who is miss informed (ignorant or uninformed) of the detriment of racism (Jim Crow tactics, like blocking the vote of all ‘Americans’) is ‘mentally ill’ and unAmerican. ‘Divide and conquer’ is not a tactic of ‘real’ Americans, excluding those ‘wayward’ Americans who are ‘racist bigots’. Today, America is a ‘melting pot’ of nationalities and races from all over the world, who have helped to build America and helped America to become (and maintain) the Impearl, Capitalist Empire that it is, not a esoteric utopia ‘for whites only.’
    To join the Donald Trump’s (sick) cult of Fascism, bigotry and hate, is not American. His intent of becoming a ‘tyrant’ in/ at the behest of Americans is not Democratic and the United States Government will not sit still and allow that to happen. What you say about the founding fathers not intending to ‘ever’ count the integration of ‘Life, Liberty and justice for all Americans’ while in pursuance of The American Dream regardless of race, creed or national origin, has since changed, progressed. Also, additional Articles, Xlll, XlV, and XV, cover making equal some other ‘inalienable rights for all’ (Americans). We are all in this (confusion) storm, on the ocean, together whether we like it or not, just in different ships. And it did give ‘all’ Americans, per The Emancipation Proclamation, 1865.

    Anything is ‘apartheid’ and uncivilized, in America.


  3. I’m impressed that you kept this to 500 words! It’s scary to admit that our country has problems, and it’s scarier to admit that I myself have problems. I think those who are afraid of CRT either don’t understand wholly what it is, or don’t want to confront some ugly truths. CRT, at its heart, can be scary… but in a way that forges change for the better.

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