Justice For All* by KA Robinson

There’s nothing more I want to do than claim her as my own

She’s showed me the highest highs and for my life she’s been my home

I want nothing more than to call her mine, for she is the one I desire

Her embrace is that of feathery downs, and her so is a like a warm fire.

But her past actions says danger for some who are dark skinned wearers

countless names have fell at her watch and first hand experienced her terror.

Emmitt was burned and then was hung. Tamir downed with a cop’s gun.

Eric and George both rendered breathless. Even Sandra’s life was completely shunned.

Her seemingly loving hands are covered in blood, yet so many die to protect

her reputation, livelihood and her name, while her knee is press on my neck,

a woman most noble to some of her suitors that pleasing becomes a game

yet others who chance to woo her still decry how the rules are not the same.

But don’t raise your voice to question her, for you’ll be met at once

With many of those who shout “Love it or leave!” but no intention of donating moving funds

“You ungrateful lowlife savage!” or “Fuck off pansy snowflake” The say in a chorus loud

Not realizing of course that by demanding change, perhaps I am the one of her most proud

I love her too, but I am not blind to think she is without flaw

If you love her as much as you say you do, then you should demand

Justice for All

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