32 lessons before 32- Lesson 32: Be a Great Person

The world has enough sucky people

Kyle Robinson c.2017

When I started this series 31 weeks ago I had no course to set. I just wanted to get better at writing and telling a story for people to (hopefully enjoy). I for sure had no idea what I would write as far as content and how the outside influences of society would influence I would write. Today, for the last time, I will write about my last life lesson: Be a Great Person. And once again, I will draw from the real world to help shape this post.

It may be a bit pretentious to quote myself in my blog, but at the end of the day, this is one of my go-to principles for navigating this life. I fully intend on keeping this short because the title says it all. But I want to address one thing: why being “good” is not good enough. A good person does what they are supposed to do when it comes time to do it. In a perfect world, everybody would be a good person and I would not have to have this conversation. As we know, good people are few and far between. This post comes one day after the storming of the Washington Capitol. While I will reserve my opinion for another post, I do want to implore you reading: anyone in that group is not a good person. Good people are around this country trying to make life better. Good people will strive to make their world better by doing the best they can.

But this post is about being a great person. My interest in being great, and for that I will go to the highly unlikely place of professional wrestling. December 26, 2020 was a dark day for professional wrestling. A man by the name of John Hueber (aka Brodie Lee fka Luke Harper) passed away from non-Covid related lung illnesses at the age of 41. When news broke of his passing, dozens if not hundreds of his friends and bosses flooded Reddit and Twitter with heart felt tributes and stories of his kindness, caring and grace. In the ring, he played the character of a menacing backwoods swamp man. Once the cameras were off and the lights turned down he was as stand up of an individual as I have read about. It seemed for almost 4 days people had a new story about Brodie Lee and what he did to make them feel welcomed, supported and accepted. The stories almost always talked about how much Brodie loved and revered his wife and cherished sons. It is entirely possible I have biased based on how recent this was, but it’s clear to me that Brodie Lee was a great person. Because while being a good person is rare, taking the extra step to make sure that all people you come in contact with are enriched by your presence, that is what a great person is to me. I do not think good/great people have be perfect, but the desire to do the absolute best you can is that difference between being good and great.

So where do we go from here? Well, here’s my two cents on the matter: While I do not claim to be an expert on living, I do hope that some of these life lessons can be applicable to who you are and what you aim to do. I hope that as much as possible I can provide some guide as to how to navigate this journey we are on. If nothing else is remembered from this series, please keep this in mind: The world has enough sucky people. Be a great person for the world to see!

Thank you for going on this journey with me over the last 32 weeks. I cannot thank you enough for reading. I hope to keep up the writing on this blog for a regular basis. Please let me know what you want to see. Oh and…Happy Birthday to me!

Take Care and Be Well!


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