32 before 32 – Lesson 26: Learn to Apologize

It can be humbling and sobering to admit fault. There was a time in my life where I would liked to believe that I owed nobody anything. Perhaps you can tell from the title that those times are times I do not look back on fondly. For a lot of people, learning to apologize is different than learning to say sorry. Saying sorry is a lot similar to what would happen when a young child is caught doing something wrong. Saying “sorry” is usually a response to a command and it is not addressed afterwords. Asking someone to say sorry is just that, saying sorry. No following through with any change in either thoughts or actions. But a proper apology involves not only the admission of guilt but reason why the apology is required and a plan to make sure the action does not happen again. Apologizes and overall admission of fault takes a good deal of humbling because by nature people do not like admitting they’re wrong. I am one who tries to not shy away from the fact I have allowed my emotions take the best of me when I am upset. Having to come back with my tail in between my legs and trying to make a promise to not hurt someone again is a very humbling and uneasy experience, however it is necessary to allow those that you love to know that you have messed up. Apologizing is an important human quality. It allows for emotional and personal growth. There can be different ways to look at trying not to upset anyone but that is not a realistic expectation. Try to forgive yourself when things don’t go your way but make the effort to correct those wrongs and do the hard work of apologizing.

Thankful for you and thankful for all the love that I have been shown this year. Take care and be well!


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