32 before 32 – Lesson 15: Organize your Life

Becoming a high functioning adult is a labor-intensive task. Since getting engaged, my fiancé has helped me get a lot more organized with my affairs. A few weeks ago we went to a local bank to meet with a financial planner. It was one of the scariest conversations I have had in my life due to the fact that having my debt, accounts and spending habits in front of me in black in white. Knowing that I was the sole cause of my financial despair was an extremely sobering moment while at the bank. Since that meeting, I have made more of an effort to be financially organized and disciplined. The biggest adjustment I have made was starting to budget my money and be intentional about what I choose to spend.

Organization as an adult is key to success once you are north of 25 years old. There is more to being organized than getting a planner from Target and new pens to keep in your desk. Organizing is like any new skill, it requires a lot of practice to get decent at it. Taking the effort to know your affairs and get them in order should be something that is jarring. Make time in your life schedule to clean, declutter and organize your living spaces. Sit down with someone who can professionally get your affairs in order. Overall, just know what you are responsible for and when you have due dates arriving.

Short and to the Point, but with all the love and support I can muster.


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