32 before 32- Lesson 3: Mean what you Say

The title of the lesson may seem obvious but there’s a big reason why I want to talk about this for a bit. In our society where gratification must be instant I find that genuine human connection is a rarity. Whenever there is a chance for some human interaction, such as being able to show up for those who you love, it becomes that much more important to have power behind your words. My mother had a saying for myself and my brothers, “your word is your bond to others”. From early in my life I was ingrained with the importance of following through on what I say. I am proud to say that one of my qualities I treasure the most is following through on my word. However, nobody is perfect. When there are times when I cannot make on my word, I have a duty to make sure I follow through with more enthusiasm next time. It’s not a perfect lesson but you want to develop a reputation for being rock solid on what you say. The worst aspect of a person’s character can potentially be failure to following through on what they say.

Start small with what you can follow through on. There is no reason to begin making big outlandish promises. Small promises that you can follow through on will eventually build in time. Be a person of your word, and let your follow through speak for itself.

If you can show up for those who you care about, then follow through on your word

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