Who am I?

Consider this my welcome to you. Thanks for agreeing to take this wonderful journey with me. I truly mean that because you could figuratively be doing 1,000 other things. You’re moved to read my writing so I want to thank you. I also want you to have something worthwhile to look at. Coming up with what to write is both frivolous and indomitable at the same time. It is however a task that I take very seriously and I want to use my time here (on the earth) wisely.  Sometimes this will be light-hearted and funny. Sometimes it will be serious and very cutthroat. Sometimes it will be emotionally draining. But all the time it will be honest, real, and (hopefully) helpful. The context of this blog will be categorized three ways:

  1. From, your first black friend
  2. Sense of Self
  3. Social Responsiblity

Here’s a breakdown of what each will be:

“From, your first black friend” is what this blog originally intended to be; advice for the everyday human. Even though each post in this category will have specific persons (ex: Dear Black men) I think it’s useful to learn from each other and try to understand why people may do what they do.

“Sense of Self” is my quest to try to explain my most complicated question: who am I? I go through the major labels that I assign to myself and people may assign to me. This maybe the most honest of all the categories because it is who I am at the core. Yet I know full well that this could change because I am an ever changing person

“Social Responsibility” is gonna be a fun one for me because it tackles my role as a citizen. As I said, a P.O.C living in 21st century has exposed me to a ton of new and terrifying realities. Yes I will talk about all the big -ism’s that plague our society . If that makes you uncomfortable: please consider reading it.

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